Taking care of your clothes not only makes them last longer but also makes them look better. Here we are some tips:

  • Separate the whites from colored clothes in your washing machine.
  • Wash clothes back to front.
  • Wash them in cold or warm water (not above 30°C).
  • Do not iron prints or do it with a piece of cloth on top.
  • Try not to use a dryer. They wear clothes out and make colors fade faster than if we dry them in the sun. If you have to use the dryer use it with a delicate or mild program.

To achieve many of the effects of wear, aging, tie dyes.. on garments you need to use ‘direct’ dyes instead of ‘reactive’ ones. The ‘direct’ dyes have a lower threshold when washed and can loose some dye, especially in the first few washes. That’s why we recommend washing these items separately or with the same color clothes in cold water. Below is the list of colors that we can achieve with direct dyes:


Washed Black
Washed Red
Washed Blue
Washed Coyote
W. Country Brown
Mulai Blue
Broken Black
Broken Gray
Broken Olive
Broken Green

by melou bai

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