Recognition and acceptance of the conditions of use:

The service ‘Melou Clothing Company’ (hereinafter referred to as “Holder”) offers to the user (hereinafter “User”) is carried out as per the terms and conditions of the present Terms and Conditions Agreement of the ‘www.melouclothing.com’ service, and is in conformity with the operations norms and regulations periodically published by ‘www.melouclothing.com’.

This document comprises the complete agreement between the User and the Holder and prevails over any previous agreement endorsed by the parties in relation to that referred to in this contract.

‘www.melouclothing.com’ is a service that provides the sale of products through the internet. The Holder makes this product information and virtual display service web service available to the User free of charge. The product prices are set and visible for each item before the acquisition of the product from our service.

The prices displayed ‘www.melouclothing.com’ include VAT. The prices reflected on the website are the definitive prices, unless in a rare typographical error has been made. Reduced or discounted products appear clearly marked as such, indicating the corresponding discount applied. All prices are displayed in Euros.

The Holder reserves the right to change the price of any product without prior notice.

The Holder will be able, in the future, to provide the User with new content, services, products or additional features, free of charge or not, which will enhance the service offering available to the User. 
Moreover, the Holder reserves the right to unilaterally cancel any of the content, services or features included in the ‘www.melouclothing.com’ service. 

Privacy policy

The User states that he or she fully accepts ‘Melou Clothing Company’ Privacy of Information Policy. 

Modifications to the conditions of the service

The User accepts that the Holder may, when deemed appropriate, make corrections, improvements or changes to the Information or Services, without this leading to any claims or compensations and without any implication or admission of liability.

The uninterrupted use of ‘www.melouclothing.com’ by the User constitutes agreement with this Contract and with all the modifications and changes that may have been made. 

Changes in the service 

For the same reasons mentioned above, the Holder reserves the right to modify or discontinue the ‘www.melouclothing.com’ service partially or completely, whether or not the User has been notified. The Holder will not be responsible for any damages incurred to the User or to third parties for exercising its right to modify or discontinue the ‘www.melouclothing.com’ service. 


The user declares that he/she is of legal age or, if under age, has obtained parental/legal guardian consent to make a purchase. 
The user expressly accepts the assumption of all risk deriving from the ue of the ‘www.melouclothing.com’ service. The ‘www.melouclothing.com’ service is provided on an “as-is” basis and “according to availability.”

The holder does not guarantee that the service will meet all user requisites, nor that the service will be uniterrupted or secure, timely, or error-free. Moreover, the holder does not ensure the results obtained from using the service, nor the accuracy or reliability of the information obtained through the service. Further, the holder, does not guarantee the correction of defects in the service.

The holder expressly denies having offered any type of warranty, since, explicit or implicit, including the implied guarantees arising from title, aptitude for sale, fitness for a particular purpose and non-infringement.
The user declares to have understood and accepted that any material and/or information downloaded from the system or obtained in any way from the use of the service is at his or her own risk and this individual is the only responsible party for any damages that could be caused in the computer system, including the loss of data caused by downlading of material and/or information.

The holder does not guarantee any of the goods or services acquired or obtained through the service nor the transactions carried out through the service.

Neither recommendations nor information obtained by the user directly from ‘www.melouclothing.com’ or through the service, whether it be written or orally, may be construed as a guarantee of the holder if it has not been expressly assumed here.

Limitation of responsibility 

The holder is not liable for the loss of use, business interruption or any direct, indirect, special, incidental or consequential damages, or as a consequence of any kind (including the loss of profits) regardless of the way in which the act would have taken place, even if this were contractual, unlawful (including negligence), a product liability or in any other way, even if the possibility of such damages had been communicated to ‘www.melouclothing.com’.

Prohibition of resale or commercial use of the service 

The service is intended strictly for personal use by the User. The User agrees not to assign or make any commercial use of the Service without the express consent of the Holder. 

User conduct

The User is the sole responsible party for the content of transmissions through the Service. The use of the service on the part of the User is subject to local, provincial, state, national and international laws and regulations.

The User agrees: (1) to not use the Service for illicit means, nor for those prohibited by this document: (2) to not interfere in the network systems connected to the Service nor to dismantle them; (3) to act in accordance with all the norms, regulations and procedures of the network systems connected with the Service.

The User will not block the use of the ‘www.melouclothing.com’ Service for any other User nor the use of similar services by another entity.

The holder may, according to his or her own criterion, terminate the ‘www.melouclothing.com’ service immediately if the conduct of the user is not in accordance with these terms and conditions. 


The user agrees to indemnify and exonerate all liability of the Holder and its subsidiaries in any claim or suit, including those arising from attorney fees, those claimed by third parties as a result of use of the ‘www.melouclothing.com’ service by the User, or from non-compliance by the User or other ‘www.melouclothing.com’ Service User through the User’s computer, of the intellectual or industrial property or any other right of a legal or physical entity. 

Termination of the relationship 

Both the User and the Holder may terminate the Service at any time, without prior notice, with or without justification, and this decision will take immediate effect. The Holder will not be responsible to the User nor to any third parties for the termination of the ‘Melou Clothing Company’ Service.

The User’s rights to utilize ‘www.melouclothing.com’ services and software shall cease immediately at the time of termination of the Service. 


All notifications between the parties must be carried out in written format and sent, either via e-mail or by post. The Holder may send notifications or messages through the Service with the aim of informing the User of changes made to the present agreement, the ‘Melou Clothing Company’ Service or other important subjects. Said transmissions will be considered notifications to the User. 

Proprietary content rights 

The User accepts that the content, including but not limited to, text, software, music, sound, photographs, video, illustrations and other material that may be provided by the ‘Melou Clothing Company’ service (“Content”), by the Holder, is protected by the copyright laws, patents and commercial brands and registered trademarks, service brands and other rights derived from industrial and intellectual property law. Therefore, the User is permitted to utilize this Content in the way that the ‘www.melouclothing.com’ expressly authorizes. The User may not copy, distribute or create content based on this Content without the express written consent of ‘www.melouclothing.com’. The User agrees not to break apart nor alter the ‘www.melouclothing.com’ service software in any way, nor permit third parties to do so.

General terms

This agreement is governed by Spanish Law; the Parties shall submit any dispute arising out of this agreement to the courts of Madrid (Spain).

The User shall not assign any rights or obligations under this agreement, except with the express written consent of the Holder. Any attempt to transfer the Agreement without this consent will be null and void. Regardless of the above, the Holder will have the right to transfer this agreement, with all its rights and obligations, whether it be due to sale of the service, dissolution, split, company merging or via any other transmission method. This Contract will be obligatory and will have effect between the parties and their respective representatives, heirs, administrators, successors and holders of authorized transfers, except as provided herein.

If a competent court considers any regulation or regulations in this Contract to be illegal, these regulations will be re-written in such a way as to reflect, as closely as possible, the intentions of the Parties, while the other regulations will remain valid and applicable.

In the case that any of this Agreement’s clauses are deemed invalid or inapplicable, the valid or applicable part and the other regulations of this Agreement shall remain in effect.

Any waiver of the right to legal claim (explicit or implicit) by any party of any breach of this Agreement shall not constitute a waiver of the right to legal claim for a later or subsequent infraction. There shall be no waiver of any provision of this Agreement for any act, omission or ignorance on the part of any Party or its representatives or employees, except through a written and signed instrument which expressly waives this provision.

The headings of the clauses in this agreement are used only for the convenience of the parties and lack any legal or contractual significance.

by melou bai


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